Welcome to Thermaltec Insulation Sdn Bhd

Thermaltec Insulation Sdn Bhd specialized in thermal insulation paint and concrete protector.

Our main products are  Nervia M168 and NLD288.
M168 is  thermal insulation paint  with excellent adhesion, flexural strength and durability.
NLD 288, concrete protector, has characteristics of high adhesion, toughness, hardness and high abrasion resistance.

Saving Money & Energy.

Global warming is a very serious issue we addressed nowadays. And consumer energy expenses are increased day by day.

"How to save Energy & Lower the Electricity Bills" Becomes a big topic in the summer. Our thermal insulation products are designed not only to keep the building from the heat, but also reflect it. The insulation and reflective properties provide a built-in thermal barrier against the heat, and a way to reduce the electricity expenses.

Our Process